Xcom 285 Communication Trends

Business Communication Trends

Anthony Filice
November 20, 2011
XCOM 285
Robyn Walker

In the following I will explain the role of business communication in my life. I will also explain how communication helps me manage my daily schedule and activities. Trends in my current or previous workplace as well as message types of these trends will also be covered.

Business Communication Trends
Communication is extremely important in the business world, without it, business wouldn’t exist. I have only worked for one company that business communication has affected my daily life. Actually, communication was the key to succeeding in this line of work. I was the Sales and Marketing Director (Small Company), the product was security in every way, from personal to computer. The company was a new company and I was in on the ground floor and as the sales and marketing director, communication was how I did my job.
As far as my communication with others went, the phone was my tool of choice, unless a personal meeting could be managed. I could call, text, and send emails on my phone, which made it the easiest way to communicate with potential clients or investors. I swear I made more phone calls while I worked there then I ever have. Even when I could manage a face to face meeting, it was established using one of the three methods on my phone.
I was also the marketing director, and I learned back then that social media was an awesome tool to use to get your business out there for free. I had the company on Linkedin, Myspace, Facebook, among other less popular social outlets. I used Yahoo, Google, and MSN, to set up free business profiles. I had set up a website that was filled with advertisement from a lot of other companies that funded the communication that I had to pay for (my boss was a genius at steering internet traffic).