Business Communication Trends

Communication Trends
Sujaily Ortiz
June 06, 2011

Communication Trends

Successful communication is very essential in a work environment. Effective communication reduces confusion and can avoid misunderstandings. Communication plays an important role in business. In other for business to be successful; communication must be successful. Also by communicating effectively problems can be solve in a more easy and peaceful way. In business, a job is well done communicating and communication takes place is many different ways. These days technology has taken over and we have, emails, phones, faxes, instant messages, memos, spreadsheets, presentations and more. Effective communication skills in a work environment helpsĀ build trust, better skills, and more profitable business.
Business communication plays a major role in my daily activities at work. I communicate through many different ways on a daily bases. Email is what is use the most and is the fastest and more effective way of communication at my job.   If is an urgent matter and an answer is needed immediately then a phone call is made but other than that emails are the way to go. We also have meetings with the team to communicate what needs to be done during the day, next days, and any changes that have to be discussed face to face with the people. Also a team meeting within the department is held once a week and there is where we communicate to each other ideas and difficulties that might be present on our daily jobs and we work on developing new strategies to make things easier and better for us.
As a production scheduler I am forced to have good communication skills as I have to resolve conflicts and be informative of what is going on with our production at all times in and out of our network. I send emails within our department and to our customers every day to keep them in the loop of what is going on and to inform them of problems and solutions for those problems that...