Business Communication Trends Paper

Business Communication Trends
Samantha Diamond
March 8, 2010
Dr. Lodessa Washington
Business Communication Trends
In the day-to-day business communication activities at a major department store, the roles are simple. Without the use of proper business communication tools the store would not function properly. Communication is used in the way the morning store meetings are held, the way the weekly newsletter is assembled, and mainly in the inter-office e-mails sent numerous times a day. Without all of the techniques available to communicate in the store, it would strain employee relationships. The retail industry is chaotic and it is impossible to remember figures and reports in one’s head let alone what the productivity goals are for the given day, all of this is mad impossible through the use of e-mails and store meetings. The e-mails are used as visuals to show the employees what needs to be done and if the store’s productivity fell for the previous day and how to improve.
The trends listed in the previous paragraph are resulting in the type of messages that invite people in to work at that company. By showing that the company cares about their employees and their families more people will want to work there. By happy employees working on the sales floor the company will increase their sales because customers will buy more merchandise from a happy salesperson than they will from an unhappy salesperson.
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