Xcom 285

Business Communication Trends
Alex Burghart
June 7, 2010
XCOM 285

Effective Communication is key to having success in the business world. A business as small as a local pizza restaurant strives and depends on effective business communication in order to be successful. The roles of business communication within this restaurant business can be seen daily through each and every customer served, every weekly meeting, and throughout all emails between the owners and managers. Many of the new communication technologies are offered to every employee in order to keep equality and fairness among the work environment. According to Locker and Kienzler (2008) new age technology embraces all forms that help increase productivity, and save money drastically. Communicating through emails, text messages and through store meetings help goals become achievable and daily store procedures in line and on a clear understanding basis between all employees. These types of technologies may also help the business find ways to improve the overall product and the business as a whole.   The popular trend of technology used within my personal work place consists of personal employee blackberries or in other words PDA’s and social networking tools such as Facebook and Twitter. Not only does every employee get offered both types of the discussed technologies but the company store as well. A great majority of the advertising is done through the popular convenience of text messaging and posts through the social networks facebook and twitter.   With each employee having PDA’s access, contacting each other is simple, fast and effective.

All the discussed technologies help keep businesses employees interested and productive and faithful towards the company for which he or she works. All daily work habits and procedures will be enjoyable and effective in helping improve the overall business. With the drastic evolution of technology, business organizations will be introduced to new and more...