Cyber Essays hopes to accomodate the needs of as many of our visitors as possible and that means answering your questions. The topics discussed in this FAQ are listed to the right and are explained extensively further down the page. We hope to answer all your questions.

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How do I save papers at this site onto my computer?

This is a very popular question and will be explained in good detail. There are actually several ways you can save essays from this site, but here are the 3 most commonly used methods.

  1. Copy and Paste - This is the best method because it gives you the most control. Simply drag your mouse over the text in the essay that you would like to copy. Once all of it is highlighted, go to the Edit menu of your browser and select Copy. Then, go to any text viewer (i.e. Notepad) and go to Edit...Paste. (you can use CTRL+C to copy and CTRL+V to paste, in most places).
  2. Save the File - This method might come in useful if you're in a hurry. Browse to the location of the paper you would like to save. Then go to File...Save As... and save the file wherever you wish on your computer. However, since the file you're saving is in HTML format, you will have to take out a few tags yourself.
  3. Print the Paper - If you don't want to save the paper on your computer or are in a place where you can't, printing out the paper is your only option. Simply browse to the location of the paper and choose File...Print... (Doing this in school is not recommended).

How do I find the papers I need at this site?

There are two methods of doing this and both have their own advantages in various situations.

  1. Use the Search - Cyber Essays uses an extremely fast and powerful search engine that indexes the unique words of each essays. When someone runs a search, the documents whose indexed unique words match those in the query are returned and the user has a list of matching papers at this site. The search is best to use when looking for a specific paper such as a report on a book.
  2. Use Categories - The essays at this site are categorized by subjects and then sub-categorized further until there is a group of related papers that is easy to look through. This method would be preferred if you were, say, looking for a report on William Shakespeare and needed different papers about him. In this example, you would browse to English and then to Shakespeare.

How do I submit my own papers to this site?

Cyber Essays is always trying to meet more of our visitors' needs, but we need your support to do this. If you have any high-quality papers you've written in the past, please go to our Submit Page and fill out the simple form by entering the required title and subject fields and then pasting the paper in the large space. Your security is our top priority so all paper submissions stay absolutely anonymous unless you choose to enter your real name or email. These fields are not required but we like to have some name and email to put with each submitted paper.

Why do the essays look bad with Microsoft Internet Explorer?

Our users have reported a few minor problems viewing our site with either Microsoft Internet Explorer or the AOL browser which is powered by MSIE. Here are some common problems and solutions.

  1. Tiny Essay Text - Instead of loading our essays with tons of HTML code that some can't understand, we use the PRE tag so that our users can save the essays and still use them just like a text file. Unfortunately, some users browsing with MSIE/AOL have reported that the essays text turns out to be of a very small size. This is just a bug in the browser and you should either restart the browser and try it again or view the page with Netscape.

Can I get some information about Cyber Essays?

Cyber Essays is a completely free service that provides students with papers on a specified topic. Although we support education and feel it is a priceless commodity, we also feel it cannot be attained by teachers giving the same assignments year after year that only force the student to lose sleep - not to make him or her think. Cyber Essays is here to challenge the lazy teacher into helping her students and give assignments from which the students can learn. Mark Twain once said, "Never let schooling get in the way of your education." This is even more true today.

Work on this site began January 1st, 1998, and Cyber Essays was made public a few months later.

How can I advertise on this site?

Advertising on this site will not only get your site hundreds of targetted visitors ready to purchase goods or services from your business, but it will do so at a very low price. Cyber Essays provides sponsors with the following services that are included in the advertising price.

  1. Real-Time Statistics on your banner displays including the number of ad-views, the number of ad-clicks, and the calculated ratio of click-throughs.
  2. Multiple Banners are allowed for each advertiser to be in the rotation of ads. This allows people to see different banners each time and increases the chance of a click-through.
  3. Very Low Pricing for all areas on this site - approximately $8 per 1000 Ad Displays. This amount is negotiable for large purchases.

Interested in advertising at Cyber Essays? Please contact the Webmaster for more info.

How can I contact the webmaster?

If you have any questions or comments for the webmaster of Cyber Essays, don't hesitate to drop me a line via our contact form. If you have something important to talk to me about, I can also be contacted on ICQ (UIN: 6703771). Please don't request authorization to add me to your contact list unless you have a very good reason - I can't have scores of people messaging me while I work.