Communication Trends

May 9th, 2010
Axia College

What role does business communication play in your day-to-day work activities?
Good communication is an important factor when determining if a business will succeed or fail. In any company information must be passed along between co-workers.   If there is no communication among   the co-workers the companies infrastructure starts to fall apart.   When you have good business communication you can have a strong relationship between your co-workers, your employees, your supervisor, and even your vendor.   This good communication will build goodwill between all your co-workers.
How does it help you manage your daily activities?
A business depends on good communication through outlets such as e-mail, written notes, and verbal communication.   When talking to peers, one can schedule a large task to be broken down among many people to make the task more manageable. E-mail can be used to help alert others of upcoming events and meetings.   Notes on a bulletin board can also be functional if a company cannot use e-mail to reach the employees.
What trends have you seen in your current or previous workplace?
In my current workplace I am using social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to reach out to customers.   We run ads, do contests, and announce special events to get people to walk in the store.   These sites also helps keep the workers keep in touch and interact on a personal level.
What message types are results of these trends?
For communication with employees, there are usually notes thrown up in a central spot for everyone to read and sign. After everyone signs and dates the paper it will be taken down.   Only a few of the jobs at my business involve access to a computer so using technology for communication is usually never needed.   We send letters through the post office for account holders, e-mails and phone calls for vendors and the aforementioned notes for employees.   The note system works well.   No one can...