Worst Date Ever

It's silly - and very, very human - to assume that every date we go on with someone will be absolutely perfect. The violins are in tune, the food is wonderful, and you both have a really, really good time. Maybe this happens in chick flicks and those silly romance novels your grandma reads, but out here in the real world, some dates are all time disasters. I'm proud to share the story of my worst date ever.
Patiently waiting at the flight gate, I stared out at the sunset as the plane arrived to take me back to Maui. Getting ready to board the plane, I receive a text message, “ Only 45 minutes until we get to hangout. I can’t wait to see you tonight. I PROMISE THIS WILL BE THE BEST DATE EVER!! :).” Reading this message brought a smile to my face. Before turning off my phone I replied, “ Yeah I’m really excited for tonight. I’ve always wanted to take you out and finally it’s happening.”
As we ascended into the night sky, my mind began to dream what would become of the evening ahead. This was something that I never would have ever thought could happen, I was going on a date with Candace. She was everything a guy wanted and everything girls were jealous of. She was beautiful, luscious dark brown hair that flowed down to her hips, a seductive hourglass figure, stunning light brown skin, and to top it all off she had alluring green eyes. She loved sports and knew how to hang with the guys, without being a silly girl.
It seemed the flight took twice as long for the plane to reach Maui. Glancing through the window, I spotted Maui coming closer and closer in site. Finally, we descend down to Kahului Airport. As I exited the airplane the flight attendant told me, “ Have an amazing evening.” I happily replied, “ You have no idea.” While walking to get my bags, I turned on my phone to receive a text message from Candace, “ Meet me at my house, then we can head to dinner. xoxoxoxox Candace.”
As I reached her house, I walked up the steps and rang her doorbell. This was...