Love and Loss in Caryl Phillips "Crossing the River"

University of Stuttgart
American studies
Winter term 2008/2009
G3: Remembering Slavery
Instructor: Dr. Elfi Bettinger

Love and Loss in Caryl Phillips “Crossing the River”
-Importance of Diaspora-

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction p. 3-4
  2. Chapter one p. 4
  1. Love p. 4-5
  2. Loss p. 6-7
  3. Re-Memory p. 7
  3. Chapter two                                                                     p. 8
      3.1. Love p. 8
      3.2. Loss p. 8-10
      3.3. Re-Memory p. 10-11
  4. Chapter three       p. 11
  4.1. Love                       p. 11-12
  4.2. Loss p. 12-13
  4.3. Re-Memory p. 13-14
  5. Chapter four p. 14
  5.1. Love p. 14-15
  5.2. Loss p. 15-17
  5.3. Re-Memory p. 17
  6. Conclusion p. 17-18

1. Introduction
Diaspora always means loss. Loss of culture, loss of family, loss of home. So what has this to do with Caryl Phillips novel? Is there any kind of Diaspora involved? In how far is it important for the novel? These are quite important questions for my essay which will show the significance of love and loss and therefore a part of Diaspora in Philips Crossing the River.
What all of Phillips main characters have in common is that they all – also Hamilton- have to endure the loss of beloved persons. My task in this essay will be to prove that they all have to experience Diaspora in this way, even though some of them are already free in their time or never where slaves like Hamilton who is a white slave trader. Diaspora is the main theme of the novel which keeps together the four kind of different stories in the four chapters. This is shown in the symbol of the three...