Classic Airlines Marketing Solution

Classic Airlines Marketing Solution
Deatria Bookman
Dr. Alan Mandel
May 04, 2012

Classic Airlines Marketing Solution
Good marketing is an important part of a successful business. Since marketing hugely affects our everyday way of living it is surrounded by everything we do, and see (Kotler & Keller). With many businesses aggressively working hard to stay in business, organizations have stepped up the types of services they offer their customers in order to stay aligned with their competitors. As stated by Kotler & Keller, “Marketing is an art and science and there seems to be an on-going battle between both the formulated side, and creative side of marketing”. During this essay I will introduce, and explain steps that would help resolve the marketing process to Classic Airlines as well as provide justification for the marketing solution. The first steps is to a.) Identify the, and analyze the problem, b.) Generate all potential solutions, c.) Select and plans the solution, d.) Implement the solution, and evaluate the solution, and finally justification will be provided for the marketing solution for the company.
Identify and analyze Issues/Situation
Two major issues are impacting Classic Airlines marketing strategy. Customer assurance has seen a decline in numbers, as well as a decrease in the company’s Rewards, program that has caused a major problem for the organization. Since both fuel, and labor cost has been rising due to economic factors, it has been complicated for Classic Airlines to stay competitive with other aircraft carriers therefore, with these issues at hand, CA is now seeing a 15% cost reduction across the board, within 18 months (University of Phoenix 2010). In order for these issues to be resolved, and turn them into opportunities CA will need to define how these issues will be handled by getting the best solutions. If CA could review all frequent flyer request for better customer service h may be able to gain...