A hero is a figure in a persons life who makes sure they are safe no matter what. A hero is someone who will be there to help you during your biggest time in need. Soldiers in the U.S. Army are heroes. People have U.S. soldiers as their heroes because they are strong and loyal beings that give people a sense of security.
A U.S. soldier is a hero because they are willing to put their life on the life on the line to protect us. A hero has different qualities in them that make them a hero. A quality that a U.S. soldier posesses is they are physically strong. A U.S. soldier can go through the brutalist of all pains but still do give anything so they wont give up. They could be wounded but will make an attempt to do anything to keep alive and fight. They also will endure extreme physical challenges. They mayhave to deal with harsh weather conditions and terrains to get to the enemy. The only do this to make sure the people in their country are safe. They are not only physically strong but also mentally strong.
U.S. soldiers are mentally strong because they may experience some ot the most worst things ever.   Every soldier is mentally strong because if they were not they may see something and break down. U.S. soldiers have to deal with killing an enemy which someone else going through this may be traumatized for life. They also have to live with the memories of a friend or another man on their side getting killed. A U.S. soldier has to stay mentally strong even though they go through all of this. This quality makes them a hero. U.S. sodiers are not only physically and mentally strong but they are also very loyal.
Being loyal is important in a hero because if they were not you would be able to depend on them. A U.S. soldier is very loyal. They are loyal because they fight for us and wont fight for the enemy. They are also loyal because they will never leave another soldier behind. Loyalty is one quality many people do not have which makes a soldier different and a...