Noel's Papers

Noel Hung
ANTIGONE: A Modern Day Adaptation
Edi, father
Antigon, _daughter of Edi_
Esmee, _daughter of Edi_
Ethan, son of Edi
Flo, rapist
Rida, male stripper
Hayman_, Antigon’s boyfriend_
A Police Officer
    _Scene: ANTIGON’S Room_
ANTIGON: ESMEE!! Finally... come over here I have something VERY important to discuss with you. Have you read about that story in Seventeen about our brothers? I can’t believe they actually made it into a magazine let alone SEVENTEEN!!
ESMEE: No, I haven’t had time to read it…I’ve been too busy with my chem. homework. Though… I did hear about that girl from our school that shot herself because she found out her boyfriend was actually her half brother.
ANTIGON: I knew you wouldn’t have read about it. You’re always in your room studying. Anyways, something terrible has happened to our brothers. I can’t believe we didn’t even know about it.
ESMEE: Oh crap, they died didn’t they?
ANTIGONE: NO!! Even worse…they were RAPED!!
ESMEE: How is that worse…?
ANTIGON: Dude they were RAPED… I mean that’s just gross.
ESMEE: Yeah I guess so, though nothing can beat 2 girls 1 cup.
ANTIGON: Oh god…worst video ever.
ESMEE: Anyways…so what exactly happened?
ANTIGON: Well the magazine didn’t really explain it with details but basically Paul and Ethan were raped by male strippers.
ESMEE: WHAT THE…Where and when did this happen?
ANTIGON: It happened 2 days ago…in a strip club.
ESMEE: (speechless)
ANTIGON: Well I guess it is reasonable for them to be there since they’re boys…but by with male strippers?!
ESMEE: I KNOW RIGHT?!? Wait, so where are they now?
ANTIGON: They’re down at the police station going through pictures of possible suspects.
ESMEE: Wow this is some serious stuff.
ANTIGON: Ya think?
Scene: Police Station
POLICE OFFICER: So guys, here are the pictures of all the strippers from the club, see if the guys that raped you two are in here....