The Day I Saved the World

The day I saved the world

Yea I did. Ok, not the WHOLE world, but A LOT of people! But is sounds a lot better…If you don’t believe me, then here goes. Well, it started a bit like this. There was this funfair at a nearby park; it was a free event, so obviously I went. Oh yea, I suppose you want to hear my name? And know a bit about me? Ok, firstly, my name is Jasmine, you know from the book ‘Aladdin’, the princess! I believe that I am a princess, as I am quite spoilt, so what? Can I help if everyone wants to buy me stuff? Hehe…I am fun-loving, kind and am always thinking of others. I am also friendly, a bit bizarre, and always dreaming of that perfect relationship. Little did I know, it had crept up on me, the relationship, that is.

So, I went to the funfair. Let me tell you what I wore; black, tight fitted jeans, with a white t-shirt, which had a printed black butterfly on it. I also wore black pointed stilettos. I have straight flowing black hair, and brown eyes, I even bothered to do my make-up: ‘Smoky eyes’. A true Disney princess. Basically, I was looking hot!!! So I was walking around the park, looking for things to do, I heard a familiar voice; I turned around, and guess who it was? My best mate (and my secret crush) Michael! Smiling at me, with his white teeth shining away. Wow, he has changed, A LOT…he is so gorgeous, he was wearing a black shirt, with black jeans, he was tall, had short black hair, and piercing green eyes, what a hottie!

“Oh my god, Mike is that really you?” I cried. “Erm, yeah, hi Jasmine, you look so beautiful” he replied, I blushed instantly. “I’ve been meaning to ask you something for a very long time, but I haven’t really got the chance, Jas”. “Well go on??” I said. “Ok, here goes, even if you say no, I hope that we can still be friends…”, “just say it!” I shouted impatiently, not meaning to be rude. I hope he’s going to say, what I want him to say. “…ok!!! Will you be my girlfriend, and can this be our first date?”....