Why College Is Important

Why college education is important to me”

  College education is important to me because, it is the key to my success in life. Having the
Privilege to go to college and explore every option that is available to me is an honor,
because there are so many people in today’s society that can’t afford college due to financial
circumstances and other life situations.
  College is important because it will help me receive the education and skills I need to work in
the career of my choosing and it will help mestrive for the skills I need for success in life.
College education will provide me with new and exciting career opportunities vs. just having a
job because I have a college diploma. I’ve tried applying to different companies and the
employers now require more than just a high school education.
  Arthur Fletcher, the former head of the United Negro College Fund said, “A mind is a terrible
thing to waste.” Having a high school diploma was all I thought I needed to make it through life,
but as I’ve gotten older and my kids have graduated from high school, I’ve started to realize
there was a part of me that was missing and that was a college education. There has been so
many times I thought about going back to school to get a degree and I could never figure out
what I wanted to study besides law. I feel like I put my dreams of going to college for law on
hold to take care of my family. Now that my husband is working and my kids are finished with
school it’s my time to finish out my dreams.  
  For such a long time I’ve wanted to study law and become a lawyer now I feel that it’s to late
for me to become a lawyer. So now I’ve decided to work on my second dream and that to study
criminal Justice in college to become a probation officer “Success comes from taking the initiative
and following up… persisting… eloquently expressing the depth of your love. What simple action
could you take today to produce a new momentum toward...