Ctlls Unit 427 Assignment

City & Guilds 6304 Level 4
Certificate in Teaching in the Lifelong
Learning Sector

Professional Journal

Unit 427
Inclusive Practice

Stuart MacLean
1st June 2014
Tutor – Anna-Marie Gillmore
Doncaster College

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Task A Carry out research into inclusive practice and produce the following two reports:
  a) Using your research, produce a written report that reviews the impact of:
  * Personal, social and cultural factors on learning
  * Different cognitive, physical and sensory abilities on learning
  b) Using your research, produce a written report that summarises policy and regulatory frameworks relating to inclusive practice, and explains how they:
  * Influence organisational policies
  * Influence your own practice
Task B Personal account
Produce a written account, drawing on your experience of teaching, which
  a) Summarises your own role and responsibilities relating to inclusive practice and explains how it relates to roles and responsibilities of other professionals
  b) Identifies points of referral you might use to meet the needs of the learner
  c) Reviews key features and benefits of inclusive learning environments and strategies for effective liaison between professionals involved in inclusive practice






Task C Reflective account and plan
Provide a reflective account in which you:
  a) Review the effectiveness of your own inclusive practice           23
  b) Identify your strengths and areas for improvement 25
  c) Analyse ways to promote inclusion, equality and value diversity 27
  References 29

The teaching environment that is being taught in is technical side of construction. It is a level 3 qualification and the aim is to provide the leaners with the knowledge for some of the office based construction careers. The subjects that are currently being taught are Design Technology,...