Gen 105 Final Project

Gen_105 Final Project
Student Survival Guide

My survival guide for attaining my dream of a higher education is a simple one. Like the old Nike slogan “just do it” is easier said than done. My survival guide will help me to “just do it!” The survival guide contains all of the information I will need to use the resources available to me, manage my time wisely, apply my learning style and personality type to my studies, develop my reading comprehension, uphold academic honesty, set and achieve my goals and being real with myself. Success in these seven areas will lead to my completion of my chosen field of study and my gaining the knowledge and skills to have a successful career. No survival guide can help you until you first take a look at where you are now, and how did you get here.
      I define being real as: 1st being honest about your self. 2nd accepting your short comings. As an older student I have to accept the fact that I am trying to complete my education at this age because I am lazy and easily distracted. Everything that I have ever done has followed a pattern. I start out strong and fizzle in the end, not because I could not finish strong but because I loose interest in things. In order to overcome these weaknesses I must find a way to keep myself motivated.
      Setting and achieving goals contains the answer. My long term goal is to get my degree in Information Technology. This is normally where I would stop, set a goal and work towards it. But by looking at my past realistically I know I will start strong and stop before I reach that goal. I have added some short term goals which I can achieve in a relatively small amount of time to keep me focused on the long term goal. My first set of short term goals is to pass every class. Every nine weeks I get to see how I am doing in relation to achieving this goal. To help achieve those recurring short term goals I have weekly shorter term goals to complete my weekly assignments on time and to do my...