Why Is a College Education so Important

Why is a College Education so Important?
Sharin Stary
Comm 215
February 9, 2011
John Miglio

Why is a College Education so Important?
For students of any age a college education is essential today and to the future. Along with higher earning power education helps prepare society for certain roles. Education helps level the playing field so individuals will have more opportunities in life. Education breaks down the barriers between race, ethnicity, and income levels. A college degree prepares the individual for leadership roles that would be difficult to obtain without a degree.

Positive results that come from a college education may not necessarily be apparent. A college education can help with critical thinking, and assist the individual in making informed decisions. It can affect children to have a greater learning potential, by seeing the outcome in the lives of the adults around them. Education can make better consumers, by helping ourselves better understand how bureaucracies work.   Individuals, who obtain education, become more involved in our communities, schools, and the legal system.  

A college education has several other positive effects on society. Studies have shown that college graduates stay married longer to the same person, are less likely to become imprisoned, or use tobacco products and are likely to be stable contributing members of society.

Negatives associated with college are usually financial. These include rising tuition rates, repayment of student loans, for those fresh out of high school the inability to possess immediate earnings, or obtaining a degree that would not be relevant in today‚Äôs society.   Repaying student loans can be a serious financial burden, especially for an older adult facing retirement.   Other negatives can have to do with relationships and time demands. While attending college the...