Why College Is Important to Me

“Why college education is important to me”
Danielle Eddington
ENG 110 Achieving Academic Excellence
August 14, 2014

Thomas B. Smith said, “If it is to be, it is up to me.” I have learned to live by that quote to make things happen in my life. While college can be expensive and time-consuming, it means success to me in so many different ways. A college education allows for better career opportunities, which means financial stability.   When you have a college degree people often respect you more, you are a high achiever. College education is important to me because it means not giving up and being an example to my children.
It is extremely important for me to teach my children never to give up on anything, especially higher education. I am constantly helping them strive to do well in school and be the best they can be at everything they do. At this point in my life, I have to practice what I preach. This time I will finish school to make my little ones proud. It has taken me awhile, but I will be an example of what hard work and determination get you. Once I graduate, we will share that special moment of achievement together, and they will hopefully follow in my footsteps.
I’ve always seen how people are so impressed when they find out that one has a degree and where they received it. I’ve managed to get into Human Resources based on my knowledge and hands on experience rather than a degree that tells people I can do it. However, I have also seen how people look at me and the comments being made when they find out I have not received mine. While it may not be intentional, others can make you feel less than for not having a degree. There is a level of respect given to you when you have completed a college program. It means you have met a goal that all should strive to reach and you have not let personal circumstances hinder you.
Living paycheck to paycheck is one example of why I know it is imperative to finish college. It is a known fact that those who have...