Axia College is a place where anyone can receive a quality education, while at the same time continuing to pursue their careers.   As with all colleges, academic honesty is held at the highest standard and dishonesty will not be tolerated.   The college is straight forward and with anything, keeping a list of goals will make for a smooth transition.   The same goes with the management of your time, having goals and self motivation will become critical throughout.   Reading and writing will occupy a large amount of your online time.   Axia College has all of the resources needed to become successful as I will point out.   Finding the right learning styles and applying them to your work also has strengths.  
Unlike traditional schools, you do not have the typical lectures from instructors.   It is up to you to gain an understanding through your comprehension of what is read.   Axia online school offers a vast ocean of resources available to students.   Once logged into the Online Learning System (OLS) look to the top of your screen, you will see tabs labeled home, classroom, library, program, and accounts, click on library to go into the University Library.   The Center for writing excellence (CWE) (within the library tab) is a one stop spot of any questions involving your writing skills.   For those who struggle with mathematics, the Center of Mathematics Excellence (CME) is located at the top tab bar right next to the CWE.   See the examples below.  
These tools are absolutely essential for great quality papers.   Use them often.   You will find these tools by clicking on the library tab.

The first tab at the top of the screen (Within the library) says University Library.   Once you click on it, various databases will appear.     The write point system is a useful tool for people who are not high up on the grammatical totem pole.   It enables them to submit a paper with confidence and reassurance.   The fact that it is automated will allow the user to save valuable time...