Values Essay

A Definition:
As a child my parents were the main influences in my life. They installed values, beliefs and attitudes such as Honesty, never lie, always tell the truth no matter how bad you think it is .Always have an open mind, don’t judge if we happened to be   unsure of something then ask. These values I have tried to live by. We were always encouraged plus supported in everything we decided to do. Dad had a problem if we lied and he found out about it, he always said tell me the truth and the punishment would fit the crime if we lied then the punishment would be double. My parents always made an effort to come to our assemblies or school plays and they always came to our sports meets. They would always talk to us about how were doing in school and sports.   I believe that my values, beliefs and attitude cross over into education, we were encouraged to do as well as we could so get a job that we would enjoy and strive to be the best. We were also encouraged to do well in sports, to enjoy ourselves, to do our best, if we won a trophy or medal great, if not it didn’t matter. As a family we were always encouraged to take care of our health through the food we ate and we were blessed to be able to afford good quality food. I have been raised to be honest, be yourself, be open and try to look through the eyes of other people. Treat people how you want to be treated. There was a time in my 20s when I had very different views, a very harsh attitude, I thought I knew more than my peers I was a typical wild child living life to the full not thinking about people’s feelings or their own situations but as I have had my own child my views have changed, I have become more tolerant and understanding. My daughter was the big influence in why I changed my crazy ways. I no longer stayed out all night and gave up drinking. I began to understand how other people in my situation lived. Being a single parent life wasn’t always easy. I began to listen to people around me,...