Hnc Integrated Essay, Values

These essays will answers of the following questions:
1. Analyze my own value base and describe its relationship to social care values and the goals of my agency.
2. Describe two difficulties I might encounter in applying the values to mine practice one of these difficulties will revolve around confidentiality in a protecting context.
3. What is anti-discriminatory practice and what are the values that underpin it? Examples of how I promote anti-discriminatory practice within my workplace.
4. Using sociological theories describe one possible cause of prejudice and three possible effects of discrimination on an individual.
5. Outline three pieces of legislation and the resulting policies and procedures that influence rights and responsibilities, how these influence my role as a worker.
6. Evaluate the effectiveness of quality assurance systems within my workplace in the promotion of the rights and responsibilities of individuals. This should include one of the following: registration and inspections; monitoring; complaints; consultations; National Care Standards. Describe how working in the Codes of practice will impact on services delivered.
My own value base was influenced by my parents and family. As I was growing up teachers also influenced my values. Some of my values are: having self-esteem and being respectful of others; being trustworthy, honest and being non-prejudice. I have a supporting family, who always encouraged me to formulate my own views and opinions. That means I always try to treat the service users I work with in anti-discriminatory way, with dignity, privacy, safety, choice, realizing potential and with equality and diversity, how it’s based on National Care Standards. I always try to protecting the rights and interest of people who use services and carers; establishing and striving to maintain the trust and confidence of people who use services; promoting the independence of people and protecting them (as far as possible) from danger...