Hnc Social Care Values Essay

Throughout this essay I will analyse my values and how they fit in with the core values of social care outlined in the National Care Standards. Using social care core values I will apply them to an example of conflict within my professional practice and discuss the importance of confidentiality within social care core. I will explore the influences of psychology and sociology on care values. Moving on from values, I will demonstrate an understanding of the causes of discrimination and the effect it has on a marginalised group within society and how anti-discriminatory practices underpin social care values. I will outline three pieces of legislation that strengthen anti-discriminatory practice and what the rights, roles and responsibilities are for the service user, care worker and any significant others.


Trust, respect, honesty, loyalty and equality are some of the most important things I value in life. My values have been passed to me from my family, experiences, friends, and my environment and are the reasons that shape, reinforce and change my values throughout my life. My values provide a good personal base for working within the care setting and without them I believe I would not be an effective care worker as they tie in with three core values of social care: dignity, privacy and equality as outlined in the National Care Standards. These care standards allow us to provide a person centred approach and have been influenced by Felix P. Biestek who wrote “The Case Work Relationship” (1961) which he describes seven principles that are considered to be traditional values in social care and outlined in the table below: (Parris, 2012)

Need of the Client Principle
To be treated as an individual Individualisation
To express feelings Purposeful Expression of Feelings
To get a sympathetic response to problems Controlled Emotional Involvement
To be recognised as a person of worth Acceptance
Not to be judged Non Judgemental Attitude
To make his own...