History Essay

WWII – Started because of Hitler’s Germany attempting to take over all Europe. Japan was fighting against Australia and Britain

Australian Prisoner’s Of War (POWs)

    - cramped quarters with little food, starvation
    - disease and illness with no medical supplies
    - no respect, no weakness tolerated, worked to death
    - living primitively, killed and cremated
    - worked in rain like slaves

Japanese culture and customs were that it was better to die (by suicide if necessary) than surrender to the enemy. This meant they had no respect or space for the prisoners

Japan, Burma, Manchuria, Formosa, Indonesia, Sandakan, Changi

The POWs missed each other greatly after returning, because not only had they lived so closely together for so long and formed such strong ties, but they also felt no-one at home could understand what they had been through

Sandakan Death March
North Borneo in 1942 rations and medical supplies were cut, 2400 sent to work creating an airstrip, 6 men survived. 2nd March POWs hiked 165miles across Borneo – 500men, 200 survived.
Were beaten with sticks and shot if couldn’t keep up, had to watch their friends die.
Owen Campbell – escaped with four others, one committing suicide, three others caught and killed, eventually he was found by villagers, survived

Geneva Convention 1929
Agreement laying down the rules of war including not bombing hospital ships and the treatment of POWs, which the Japanese did not follow

Paradise Road
Women and children were evacuated from Singapore, onto a ship which was bombed, and ended up in Sumatra and taken to a POW camp. Formed a community with singing, art and teaching. Terrible punishments such as burning alive

Attacked 19th Feb 1942, aimed to destroy ships to leave New Guinea and Aust. open for invasion. 250ppl killed and hundreds injured, hospital ship and town severely damaged

Boom net placed around harbour, barbed wire on...