In an Essay of at Least 300 Words, Analyze the Value of Taking an Online Course Such as This One. There Must Surely Be Drawbacks as Well as Advantages to This Method of Learning and Working Towards a College Degree.

Some people may say that taking online courses are a good way to earn a college degree.   While some employers, on the other hand, would argue that this method does not offer the same experience as attending a traditional college.   For some, the choice of taking online courses may be quite exhilarating and easy.   For others this process could be more difficult due to the lack of supervision necessary to stay motivated.   Every person wishing to pursue an online degree should take in consideration the advantages and drawbacks.   While I have experienced both, online and traditional college, I will expose some advantages and drawbacks that I have encountered on journey to complete my degree.
One of the advantages that drew me to pursue my degree through an online college was the fact that it was easily accessible from anywhere in the world.   Since I am in the Army and can be deployed and stationed anywhere in the world at any given time, I found that as long as I have an internet connection I can complete my classes.   Other people may decide to complete their online degree due to the fact that they do not have a college near them that suits their needs and degree desire.   This meaning that they would have to commute a long distance to attend their school or relocate entirely.   Others may have a college nearby but do not desire to make the commute or attend their classes early in the morning, which leads me to my next advantage I encountered, flexibility.
When attending a traditional college, a student must attend according to the set schedule of the classes set by the university.   This means that you would most likely have to attend your classes two, three, four and even five time a week.   You have to turn in assignments and take the tests according to the instructors set schedule.   For the students that work and have a family, this may be a little more difficult.   Online courses take this problem out of the equation and allow the students to complete their...