Pttls Summative Essay

Part 1
1. The role of a teacher or trainer like myself is to facilitate communication in such way that all students are encouraged to enter a wider discussion on the chosen topic.   To ensure the aims of the sessions are reached, I try to incorporate ongoing assessments starting with the initial which helps to understand and identify the varying learning styles of the students that can be useful throughout the learning programme.   In my role I need to then continually reassess development of the learners to ensure that the computer systems I train them in relate back to the aims I set for the learners.   The boundaries I face can be obvious, such as the relationships I have with the students as well as the disciplinary lines of misconduct.   However it is the less obvious boundaries, such as that of learning abilities of the students that are beyond my remit. This is an important boundary as I can utilise this and obtain the necessary help so the learner is able to continue.

2. Respect and Reasonable Care, which are 2 aspects of professional codes of practise, ( particularly relate to my teaching practise.   I train on ICT systems and have varying audiences ranging from learners who are fresh out of education right through to professionals.   My diagnostic assessments of the groups I train mean I understand the diversity and varying needs prior to the training session.   This enables me to set up computers correctly and ensure I have the right kind of resources, whether this be in the form of translators, sign language teachers, correct visual aids or understanding of a pupils needs.   Whilst I visit these business centres to train, I am aware of the health and safety issues which falls under the codes of practise that relates to Reasonable Care.   Height of Monitors, chairs, light conditions and temperature can have effects on learners if not correct.   Provoking initial assessment with the...