Unit 8610-400: Understanding the Management Role to Improve Management Performance

Describe the goals and objectives of your organisation (12 marks)
Elcometer is a company based in the Droylsden area of Manchester which has been manufacturing coating thickness gauges for more than 65 years. The family run company’s main goals are to always place high importance on the value of teamwork and has learned how a diverse mixture of skills, experience and willingness to go the extra mile is what is necessary to provide the customer with high quality, innovative products that we are proud to label as our own and which stand the test of time.
Elcometer’s research and development department is always proactive in finding new methods to supply the coatings industry with solutions to their inspection requirements and develop products that stand out from our competitors. From there it becomes the company’s main objective to develop a plan which will require close involvement and cooperation with areas such as production engineering, purchasing, planning and manufacturing to deliver on time and to a high standard of quality, the new eagerly awaited products to the market.
In the production planning and data department, our main objectives are to meet our promised lead times with stock availability, maintaining safety stocks, creating works orders for the factory to manufacture what products are necessary, maintaining system data such as engineering change notes and bill of material entry and advising purchasing of any stock requirements that may be necessary. Close communication is vital between sales, planning and the shop floor as our common goal is to supply the customer what they want, when they want it. Providing a service which is professional, friendly and fast is what we believe will attract new customers and keep the old customers coming back.
Evaluate the specific responsibilities of middle managers in enabling your organisation to achieve its goals (16 marks)
Middle management plays a vital role in executing the company’s goals and...