Huaman Resource Management Roles

Human Resource Management Roles

Cathy A. Schram

June 4, 2012

HCS 341

Nichole Harris

      There will be a written explanation of what is the human resources management role. Human resources managers have a busy job, especially in a hospital setting or any other health care facilities. Management of the human resources is crucial importance concerning the day – to – day tasks. Many people think working as a manager of the human resources department it is easy, but it is not. As the paper continues there will be examples of some of the work human resources managers do every day.

      Human resources departments have major roles in the health care industry, they need to know and understanding the way the health care industry works and the possibility of consumers   to physicians, and the regulations (ASHHRA, 2011). When it concerns hiring new staff the human resources department must go through many applicants who have applied for job openings and to see who has the most qualifications to work in the health care organizations. It is important that people in the human resources department work close with each individual and works with each new employee to ensure that the organization will be successful.   The human resources department does help the whole organization and work side – by – by to accomplish every day goals set for the organization.

    The health care industry is always facing some type of challenges, and they can range from economic pressures and regulatory compliance issue, to industry consolidation and a shortage of health care professionals with qualifications (Cornerstone, 2011). From research found there was a National Health Service reform that has gone through many changes in the past 50 years. From the changes it is known it would increase the role in any Human resources function (Buchan, 2000).

    The role of a human resources manager is not an easy job there are many tasks that takes place...