Understanding the Management Role to Improve Management Performance

1-Understand the specific responsibilities of middle managers in enabling an organisation to achieve its goals.
      1.1 Describe the goals and objectives of your organisation.
CPI books is the number one book printer in Europe. In total it employs 3000 people in seven countries.
CPI books has the capacity and technology to produce books at any run length –from e-books to single copies, right up to one million books.
At our Eastbourne site, CPI Antony Rowe Eastbourne (CPI ARE), we specialise in print on demand (POD), single copy and ultra-short run digital printing and binding. Our print on demand technology means that customers can produce one book at a time avoiding the pitfalls of larger print-runs higher costs, inventory hassles and storage expense.
A goal can be defined as a long-term aim that a certain individual or organization wants to accomplish. We can think of goals as being the Big Picture.   People and organizations set goals all the time. For instance, a company can set a goal of returning to profitability in two years or becoming the leader in their industry in five years.

The long-term goals for CPI books are to provide premium standards and outstanding quality not matter the size or particular needs of customers while the long term goal for CPI ARE is to become the leading Print on Demand Company in the UK.
While goals are the Big Picture, objectives are the Basic Tools.
Objectives are Specific and Measurable results that a person or organization aims to Achieve Realistically within a Time frame and with available resources.
Objectives need to be Specific and Measurable to provide a definition of the success of achieving the goal; Achievable and Realistic to engage and motivate individuals. Time-bound to ensure that all stakeholders agree when is to be achieved.
The Big Picture for CPI ARE, where we want to be in the long-term, is to become the leading Print on Demand Company in the UK and to achieve this we have...