Understanding the Manegment Role

1. Understanding the management role to improve management performance.

My role within the Absolute Group is Senior Account/Production Manager, I am responsible for looking after client’s projects from design stage all the way through to delivery, this involves managing the client throughout the whole process as well as the complete production cycle. All projects I look after must be completed within budget and deadline.
Understanding the specific responsibilities of middle managers in enabling an organisation to achieve its goals.
Goals are very important in our business as they establish where we intend to go.
Our goal at Absolute is to be the number one supplier to our existing clients and potential new clients, by providing the highest quality customer service and products of the highest quality, on time, every time.

Objectives are the specific steps taken to help acheive the companies goals, at Absolute we have numerous objectives, below are just a few.
Short Term Objectives - Objectives that can be implemented straight away and have an impact on the business within 6 months.
1. Improve customer service skills: To make sure we are keeping our clients satisfied we are going to implement customer feedback forms to go out with complete jobs. We will send 100% feedback forms out and aim to have 60% of all forms sent out back to us completed within a 3 month period. We can then aim to increase this by 10% per year.
2. To improve relationships with key suppliers: Looking after our suppliers and having a close relationship with them will help ensure our projects are completed on time, every time. This also helps us when we need jobs turned around in an almost impossible time frame. We will send 100% feedback forms with all jobs and expect at least 50% forms back within 3 months - this to be increased every 3 months by 10%.
3. To improve our success rate of jobs completing on time. We will set up a KPI to monitor what suppliers delivery...