Tma 01 Outline How Some Benefit and Others Lose on a Street You Know

Question: TMA 01 Outline how some benefit and others lose on a street you know.

City Road in Cardiff has given a lot of insight in to winners and losers on a street.
Comparing and contrasting with a street in my area.
Lower High street Cheltenham is a prime example of an adapting street, it has a lot of small business, cafes and speciality shops to cater for the local area's migrant and student population. There is some residential housing but most is student lets.
It has seen many changes one of its most recent being the closing down of the local car dealership as they move to other premises out of town, the area is highly multicultural as such inequalities have developed bring both benefits and detriments to the area.

During Lloyd Robinson trip around city road he encounter the newsagent, during the course of the conversation with Mr Buttwell its is said that the opening of Tescos has had an effect on him and caused the closing of some other newsagents.
As with city road the lower high street inequalities have emerged due to the change nature of the area, the opening of new local supermarket such as Tesco's local has changed the dynamic of the shops, where once newsagents where more convenience orientated they have had to change the way they work, using chain stores such as Mace's in order to try and drive there costs down, unfortunately they don’t not have the same buying power as the big stores as such are loosing ground relying on a loyal local customer base instead of larger sales, on the reverse of this due to the nature of the big stores catering for the UK market the winners on the lower high street are the considerable amount of niche supermarkets being set-up, these are like the old convenience stores which the supermarkets overtook.
They cater for the migrant population with, Chinese, Indian and polish foods being available as if it was a convenience store in the migrants home country, having visited some of the stores on the lower high...