Outline How Some Benefit and Others Lose on a Treet You Know.

Outline how some benefit and others lose on a street that you know.

The question asks us to “Outline how some benefit and others lose on a street that you know”. The street that I will be comparing to City Road Cardiff is Portswood Road in Southampton.
Portswood Road is similar to City Road as over the years it has changed dramatically, it is used as a major conduit into Southampton City Centre by commuters and the types of businesses that lined the street have changed to provide a service to the current local community.

In the past Portswood Road has consisted mainly of small independent businesses frequented by the local community but as society and our consumer habits have changed the small independents have closed due to lack of custom. These small shops hark back to an older time and have not moved forward with society and consumer demands and this is an example of people losing out on the street. Some locals may argue that the blame for the closure of the small independent businesses is the fault of large superstores like Waitrose and Boots. These large conglomerates have moved onto the street and have benefited the community with not only more product choice but also lower prices and more importantly employment.   The in store Waitrose café means that the locals can meet up for a coffee and a chat after the weekly shop this has now become a hub of the community and so it has benefited the community by offering a one-stop shop experience and has brought people together helping make their community stronger. It is also important to remember that the people that use the store are local and are served by local people.

A constant battle for users of Portswood Road is the heavy traffic that thunders along the street from early morning until nighttime. Pedestrians, cars, Buses and Lorries and businesses are all vying for space on the street whether it is dropping off deliveries, driving to the shops or using the street as a conduit into Southampton City...