Drawing on What You Have Learned from the Dd102 Module Materials and Your Work on Tma 01, Outline Some Inequalities and Differences on a Street That You Know.

Drawing on what you have learned from the DD102 module materials and your work on TMA 01, outline some inequalities and differences on a street that you know.
Word limit: 750 words

In this essay I am going to give examples of differences and inequalities on Chelmsford High Street (CHS), also I will be drawing parallels between my examples and those outlined in the module materials. And (where relevant) I will relate them to other concepts learned in the module so far.

The obvious difference on CHS is that of the contrasting groups of people that use a range of different shops for varying reasons. In CHS there are a multitude of different shops; high end designer fashion shops, expensive restaurants, high cost supermarkets and on the other end of the spectrum charity shops and low cost grocery shops like Aldi etc. Certain people due to their socio-economic position go to charity shops and cheap clothing stores out of necessity; they shop there, as they have no choice. Contrastingly some more affluent people who often want to project an image of wealth buy luxury items from designer stores for leisure. The two different groups use the respective shops for different reasons, one because they have to and the other for leisure and entertainment. This example of different people using contrasting stores for different reasons is also evident in much of the course material, in the ‘Making Lives’ film (Open University 2014) a shopper talks about how he buys designer clothes second hand from Islamic relief. He wants to project a certain identity by sporting a particular type of clothing with branding in an effort to give off a certain image. While this is a good example of how different groups of people use shops differently this is also a good example of someone aspiring to a different identity, and also an example of someone making their life within constraints. Again in the ‘making lives film’ (open university 2014) the girls talk of the expensive designer...