Outline How Some Benefit and Others Lose on a Street That You Know

In this assignment I will be looking at the groups of people that benefit and lose on Swanscombe High Street (SHS), Kent and comparing the similarities and differences with City Road in Cardiff. SHS is the busiest street in Swanscombe. Just like City Road, it is filled with different groups of people at different times of the day and the variety of shops and diversity of goods sold are aimed at attracting local residents (‘The Street’, 2009, scene 1)

The infrastructure of SHS benefits pedestrians using the street; , with wide paths and   Zebra Crossings. Similar to City Road, there is very little parking available other than outside residential buildings. The parking is not exclusive to the residents as no permits are required to use the spaces, which benefits the few drivers that manage to find an empty space, but the residents lose out as they are rarely able to park near their homes.

Double Yellow Lines/Zigzag road markings prohibit parking along both sides of SHS and contribute to maintaining social order when it comes to parking in the street, similar to City Road (‘Material Lives’, 2009, scene 1) . However many drivers will choose to ignore these boundaries and park on the yellow lines in the absence of a parking space, so that they can quickly and easily access shops. Some will even park on the pavements, which then makes access difficult for pedestrians with pushchairs and wheelchair users. The lack of parking makes deliveries of stock very difficult and delivery drivers tend to block the street in order to be able to unload on the pavement outside the business, inconveniencing drivers and pedestrians alike.

Whereas City Road has Bus Lanes, SHS does not and therefore buses are often stuck in congestion on their route. Bus users lose out in this circumstance as it means buses are often   late and unreliable.

Access to Swanscombe Train Station is gained via SHS   and benefits a variety of social groups throughout different times of the day. Those...