Drawing on What You Have Learned from the Dd102 Module Materials and Your Work on Tma 01, Outline Some Inequalities and Differences on a Street That You Know.

Drawing on what you have learned from the DD102 module materials and your work on TMA 01, outline some inequalities and differences on a street that you know.
Differences and inequalities are produced in society, though they are not the same. Difference refers to the diversity between individuals or groups while “inequality refers to the unequal distribution of valued social resources” (Blakeley & Staples 2014, p.25). This essay uses ****** to discuss the differences and inequalities in wealth, identities, cultures, and the perception of the area.
The Square has been seen as a undesirable area for many years and has had countless incidents and articles printed in the local papers,   discuss how headlines convey ideas to the readers about what the area might be like, the people that might live there and how they may live. The area didn't start off this way though, like City Road, the ******* area was once owned by wealthy families, but after the 2nd world war the need for housing was great so the land started to be sold and built on. Now most of the houses are social housing estates.
Social identities, which is described as “an identity given by connections to other people and social situations”) have become inequalities in the area. The tracksuit wearing youths are “chavs” always causing trouble, single mothers and low income families make up the rest of the community. These stereotypes are seen in many areas of society. The Varsity on City Road has a “ no trainers, hoodies, tracksuits or caps “as they believe people behave better when dressed in a smarter attire.
Many people have lived in the area or many years and will have seen the area decline. In 'Connecting Lives' C Havard   talks about how when a individual has lived in the same place all their lives, the changing identity of the area will impact on their lives. As business's have closed down the unemployment rate increased. Economic inequalities have increased and people have had to turn to new ways to...