Outline How Some Benefit and Others Lose on a Street That You Know

TMA 01

Drawing on from what you have learned from the Making Social Lives DVD and Learning Companion 1, outline how some benefit and others lose on a street that you know.

Following on from the materials I have studied, the street I have selected is The Watton. The Watton is situated in Brecon, a small rural town in Mid Wales. I have chosen this street as I use it on a daily basis as a gateway to work and other necessities. The Watton is one of the main access routes into the town of Brecon and is made up of shops, pubs, b&bs and houses. Throughout this essay I will explore the diversity of the street and how elements benefit and can defeat different ages, wealth and people of different abilities.
There is a wide range of residents that occupy The Watton and the houses they live in differ in ways that some properties are houses spread over 4 floors and others are made suitable for the elderly. This can highlight how the elderly can benefit and lose out while living on the street as it means if a couple can no longer stay in their 4 floor house they may feel the need to move to a different area. However, having the option of homes specifically built for the elderly on is seen as benefit. Furthermore people within this age bracket lose out at busier times of the day, at rush hour for example. Elderly people find it difficult to get around at this time as they may take longer to cross the road. While doing this however they are aggravating drivers who are eager to get to work or the children to school on time. Compared with City Road, The Watton is very different during the day and night. Some residents of City Road are scared to walk the street at night. (‘Making Social Lives on City Road’, scene 5) It would appear that residents would feel safe to walk along The Watton at night whatever the age. The street is well lit and easy to get around. However this could be different on a Friday and Saturday night when youngsters are coming out of the pubs....