The Good the Bad the Rider

Kathy Palmieri
Laura Brenner
ENG 111 HN
September 5, 2012
The Good the Bad the Rider
Motorcycle riders are stereotyped are being trouble makers and lawbreakers. Regardless of what my friends thought, Tom, one of the riders is not a bad person. My friends saw a scary long haired man dressed in all black leather wearing dark sunglasses covered with tattoos. Over the years riders have had reputations of being bad people. They had already assumed that Tom was one of these people. I was tired of them saying he was no good for me. I needed to use Logos, Pathos, and Ethos to convince my friends that Tom and many other riders were not bad people.
It was early summer of 2009. Tom was a single parent of two children and had lost his wife to cancer in 2005. She had been diagnosed with it in 2003. During her fight with cancer the family had struggled with many emotional and financial problems. The bills were piling up and they were facing foreclosure on their home. Tom worked every day and any overtime he could. Things turned into an everyday vicious routine going to work picking the kids up from school, feeding them and straight to the hospital. They stayed every night till late evening then home to get their homework done, showers then to bed. The same thing went on day after day for two years. The bank foreclosed on their home and they were forced to move. Tom was missing more and more work and the kids were missing more and more school. He didn’t have many family members that were able to help take care of the kids. He started paying someone to watch the kids and things got so bad he couldn’t even afford that. Tom had no choice but to send the kids out of state to stay with relatives. Tom ended up losing his job and didn’t know what he was going to do.
I was having drinks at the local bar where Tom’s motorcycle gang was planning to have a bike run to donate money to him and his family. The band was telling the audience what they were planning and for who. Tom...