Is Censorship Good or Bad Practice?

Is censorship good or bad practice?
Censorship is a dreadful practice. It stifles the rights to freedom of speech that we all deserve. It would go against what the Founding Fathers would have wanted. It stops the free flow of ideas and thoughts of people as people will only be able to talk about what the government wants people to. It makes the populace live in fear of violating the censors and going to jail. Also, it would inhibit the creativity of artists or musicians or authors or anyone who's involved in the arts since they only could work within the boundaries of the government. To put it quite bluntly, the act of censorship is oppression of the citizens on a national level.
Censorship, as I said, is an affront to the freedom of speech that all American citizens deserve under the Constitution. A person should be allowed to say whatever they please without fear of prosecution. If they want to insult the government or the government's decisions, then they should be able to. Also, people should be allowed to watch, listen, read, or play whatever they want to without the government breathing down their necks and telling them what they can and can't say or do. Various people, back in the 1950's tried to censor Rock and Roll music because they thought it morally wrong. The main face of all of it was Elvis Presley. White adults were generally scared of him. Frank Sinatra said of him “His kind of music is deplorable, a rancid smelling aphrodisiac. It fosters almost totally negative and destructive reactions in young people”. The FBI considered him “a definite danger to the security of the United States”. When he was shown on “The Ed Sullivan Show” for his third appearance, he was only shown by the waist up, since concerned people found his gyrations and pelvic thrusts crude and offensive   That's simply wrong, as a grown adult should be able to listen or watch to whatever they please, without any sort of limits, even if a few people find it morally wrong.