Technology: Good or Bad?

Cody Schubert
ENG 1113, B period
Murray Windham
October 26, 2011

Technology-Good or Bad?
            Technology can be considered very helpful for our community and the people today; this technology ranges from medicine to computers and cell phones. I’m sure there are many different opinions on the subject in the general public depending on how it has affected them as an individual, but for the most part technology of all kinds has helped people. Medicines have helped people live longer, cure illnesses and get rid of diseases over the years. However, some people may think that since medicine has been introduced it has gave people the know how to make drugs and other harmful substances. Computers have also helped people with their work and social lives on a day to day basis. On the flip side of that it might be considered to be harmful because of people unleashing websites such as pornography and child molesters being open to little kids, who have no business on the internet. Last but not least the cell phone, it helps everyone stay intact if not at work but in general. Cell phones today have revolutionized into what’s not far from a pocket size laptop. Technology will just get many different opinions from many different people based on their lives and situations.
              Medicine has made such a huge leap over the last hundred years there is not anything that is not out there for something today. From vitamins for everyday health and shots that can cure a cold in a couple of hours. It has helped people who have been injured or wounded in wars actually survive instead of just getting the injured limb cut off. There are many cases that show how medicine in the hospital have kept people alive that should have already died, make them last longer than the doctor even predicted them to live. Or inhalers for people who have asthma to try to control it instead of just live with it; in any argument medicine has definitely helped out people or their...