The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells : Invisibility: Good or Bad?

Although mystifying and controversial, the idea of invisibility is abundant. It can be found within books, movies, television shows, and even the human mind. Invisibility is a concept that has captivated humans from before H.G. Wells’ time and will continue intriguing them until someone finds a way to make invisibility a part of reality. Fortunately, complete invisibility may never happen, leaving room for all of the mystery that has been created within the minds of individuals. If it ever did, all hell would break loose to put it quite plainly. People would be able to be anywhere at any given moment and such heinous things such as stalking, murder, theft, or espionage would be running rampant. Very little good would come about.  
In H.G Wells’ The Invisible Man, invisibility was portrayed as dangerous and evil. Within both the book and the adapted movie, extreme chaos was caused and people began to panic when the main character, Griffin, used his invisibility to terrorize the town, steal from, and even murder the townspeople. His power and mental instability led him to turn on his old and dear friend, Dr. Kemp, who in the movie he sends hurdling down a hill in a car, indefinitely killing him. This same situation and reaction would surely arise if invisibility was truly tangible. Obviously not much good would come about, but many evil, distasteful, and dangerous events would flourish. Invisibility gives one a sense of power because if he or she can not be seen, then he or she can not be stopped, as was the case in The Invisible Man.
Of course, Hollywood has adapted invisibility as something that would be characterized as good, contrasting to what H.G. Wells and many others feel would happen. Invisibility appears in modern literature, magic shows, television shows, and movies as something that should be embraced instead of feared. Through the ideas of super heroes and super villains, Hollywood tries to show that the idea of invisibility isn’t all bad. Perhaps if...