Video Games - Good or Bad?

Video games - Good or Bad?
James Gee and David Grossman
A) I think both men have valid points of view and an understanding of what games can teach us. It will be a matter of defining appropriate and inappropriate content.
Immoral and illegal game simulations should be restricted to older age groups that understand that these simulations are socially unacceptable (eg; Grand theft Auto) in the day to day real world.
Games have a valid purpose in the future of education; there are many educational games available in the current market both simple and complicated.   They have already proved their value in games like flight simulations for pilot training. There are also many violent and realistic games that could be deemed inappropriate for certain age groups. Grossman mentioned that they also use game based training in the military to help get soldiers prepared for combat.
B) The implications of Grossman’s campaign on technology in Education could have a positive as well as a negative impact.
Some of the positive aspects to this campaign are;
• It can stimulate public discussion as to what are acceptable levels of violence and graphics that children of various age groups may be exposed to.
• That new legislation could be implemented, by giving games a code of ethics.
• It could make the people and companies who create games more accountable.
• It could make Parents, schools and teachers research their material more thoroughly.
• It could produce more games that are   based on educational best practices or learning theories.(Gee)
• Give parents, schools and teachers a better guide when purchasing games, If they are clearly rated eg; 4-6 yrs or (MV) medium violence (MAV) mild animated violence.
Exposing children to less violence can not be all that bad. Violent realistic games are out there and are very popular. Grossman does concede that all children who play violent games don’t turn out to have anti-social behavioural problems.
• The challenge or down...