Reflect on Your Own Learning Background. Refer to Your Own Experiences of Good and Bad Learning. What Has Influenced Your Own Teaching Style?

Module 1.1
5/10/10                           DTLLS Year 1              

Reflect on your own learning background. Refer to your own experiences of
good and bad learning. What has influenced your own teaching style?
My most recent learning experience was one of my most gratifying and rewarding.
The teacher was highly competent and enthusiastic; she actively monitored each
student for their feedback. She had clear targets adapted for each of us and our own
needs at every stage of our learning. The teacher was using techniques that
maximised useful interaction in class. As Scrivener suggests as a good sign of
engagement with the students: The classroom language was rich and technical, but
at the same time she encouraged a friendly and relaxed environment. A good
rapport between the learners and the teacher was always present, allowing an
appropriate space for the students to ask questions and demonstrate the level of
learning through their interaction.

On the other hand, I had also bad learning experiences with some unprepared
teachers. One of the teachers was not engaging properly with the students, her
teaching techniques were boring; her activities were not well planned and her timing
was not good either. Therefore the learning process did not take place as planned
and the students were not confident   to use their new knowledge.

I developed my own style as I evolved through my own teaching experience :
following the teachers that showed me interesting techniques and the importance of
respecting the student’s needs : keeping a good engagement; encouraging
discipline, confidence and conveying   enthusiasm to the learners.

Scrivener, J. (2005)   Learning Teaching. 3rd edn. Thailand. Macmillan