Student Survival Guide

      Downloading files for your use on your machine or portable device.     Downloading files is really useful during distance learning, because it can really save me from having to do a lot of hand written notes, or printing things I don’t need to. Having a flash drive can be helpful in situations where I do work on a computer that is not mine. Almost each week’s assignments will have an Appendix or reading that is necessary to complete the work. Since it will probably be used that more than just one time, it can be downloaded right on to the computer. Doing this can be a lifesaver if the internet goes out, because between the class folder and having those files downloaded on my computer, I will be able to do my work anyway.
  At the beginning of each class, I will first to go to the class   syllabus, the course calendar, and the file that contains   the information about the final project. These are very important,   so I will save them to my desktop and print them out. I will also   save a copy of these onto my flash drive, so I can take them with   me.
      Go to the course outline, and print that out. I will put a folder   together for each class. The calendar will be on the front of   the folder, and the syllabus will be put into clear inserts   inside the folder. Week 1 will go in the front, and then they   will be put in order through the folder so I can open it up and   use it as a guide. All of the other printouts of files from class   will be put into the inside pockets.
        I will select all of the links located in the course overview,   that contain files, selected readings, or an appendix that   I will need for assignments, and download them all on to my desktop.
        The University of Phoenix Axia College offers a variety of tools for distance education. I can use the University Library for research on topics from classes while in school.
  GENERAL SEARCH - Type in a topic and search right from the main   page....