Students Survival Guide

My Student Survival Guide

University of Phoenix

July 25, 2011

My Student Survival Guide
I have developed a Student Survival Guide throughout my nine weeks in a Skills For Learning college class. These six elements will help me through the rest of my time in college as I work towards completing my degree.
I have learned that I can use the Axia Educational Resources to look up information for a paper by using the Library. I can also use the Center for Writing Excellence when writing papers. The Center for Writing Excellence has multiple resources to use like the Reference and Citation Generator, which helps me to make sure that I am citing a source correctly. There is also a Plagiarism Checker allows me to submit a paper to make sure that I have not plagiarized any information. Another source that is a great source and help to me is the APA Information.
I will Uphold Academic Honesty by making sure that I stay true to myself and to the university. I will follow the rules provided in the Student Handbook. I will cite my sources correctly when using other information or thoughts that are not mine so that I am not plagiarizing and using someone else’s work as my own. Plagiarism consist of copy and pasting someone else’s work and turning it in as your own, and even citing a source the wrong way can be considered plagiarism. Plagiarism is not accepted by the university and could result in running my chances of completing my degree. I plan to uphold academic honesty by not plagiarizing my work.
Setting and Achieving Goals is a great skill that I have learned during my nine weeks of this class and I will be able to use it as I continue to work towards earning my degree. Setting short-term goals will help me to stay on track as I am working to earn my degree. Earning my Associates degree at the University of Phoenix is my long-term goal. I have learned that setting short-term goals and achieving them is the best way for me to earn my long-term goal of earning...