Student Survival Guide

Lisa L. Andrus
July 25, 2010
GEN 105

Student Survival Guide

      When we think of survival guides, we think or characterize it as a manual to aid one in succeeding in a particular area. A survival guide contains tips, tricks, examples and how-to instructions in handling various obstacles. In this essay, I will be preparing my personal survival guide and action plans for distance learning relating to Axia’s resources, academic honesty, setting and achieving goals, time management, reading comprehension and retention and applying learning styles.

      The University of Phoenix has so much to offer a distance learning student. First, one has on-line access to view, present, previous and upcoming classes. Students can also monitor financial id balances and account summaries. There’s the Center for Writing Excellence (CWE) which offers grammar and writing tutorial guides and APA formatting instructions. The University Library contains multiple databases that are extremely helpful in research. The CWE and University Library will help me to become a more effective writer. I will use the library to research particular topics and obtain credible sources. I will use the CWE to assist with formatting ad grammar mechanics to submit presentable academic papers. I will also use write point and the plagiarism checker to ensure my paper is grammatically correct and original.

      Originality is very important when it comes to academic writing. This is why the plagiarism checker was established; to ensure academic honesty. Plagiarism takes place quite often whether by passing off someone else’s work as your own or simply forgetting to properly site a source. I will definitely avoid academic dishonesty by properly citing sources and utilizing proper APA styles and formats and taking advantage of the plagiarism checker. I will also seek feedback from my instructors and other students.

      To become a well-rounded, on track student, one must set and evaluate all...