Student Survival Guide Gen 105

Student Survival Guide
Cheree McCorkel
Professor Mathews
Student Survival Guide
As with all new things, one should have a survival guide to ease the way. You will now begin your journey of distance-learning at the Axia College of University of Phoenix. We will treat today as your first day and as such, you will need to a virtual walk around the Axia College website to learn where things are. Start by logging into the school website with your assigned username and password as soon as possible. Let’s clink on the different links and see what is available and get feel for your school. Be sure to locate the computer required documents on the school website, and make sure your computer has the right software. There is Microsoft Word for writing papers and Adobe Acrobat to read files. With Axia, they have many types of things to help students, which will be discussed in more detail later. On Axia there is the Riverpoint Writer, which you can download as well. Let’s take some time to get organized. Setting aside some space in your home or office (if you have one) to keep your school stuff in is important. What I find useful is a physical folder for each class and a flash drive for any of my computer folders. Find your course syllabus and read it, even print it or place it in your flash drive so you refer to it if needed. This will give you an idea of how much reading to expect, what you will be studying, the assignments you will be doing, and to get acquainted with the professor’s expectations. Look for a course calendar as well.
Educational Resources
The educational resources are one of the most valuable tools available to any student.   One of Axia’s resources is the Center for Writing Excellence (CWE).   This is most beneficial when one is writing essays and if you need refreshing on the proper use of grammar. Inside of the CWE is a program that I use quite often-called WritePoint. Using WritePoint enables me to submit documents with minimal...