Student Survival Guide

Student Survival Guide
Courtney Wier
August 14, 2011
Christina Atkinson

Student Survival Guide
A student survival guide is a tool that will help student’s achieve success throughout their school experience.   By following the guidelines provided, each student is sure to achieve success in every task they come across.   It will not only benefit them while in school but will benefit them further in life with their career as well as any other aspect in life.   The following paper will give students practical examples regarding each topic of surviving as a student.
Axia College provides students with numerous educational resources at the tip of their fingers.   By accessing these tools the student gets a better understanding of how to complete assignments.   One of the educational resources that provide this is the Center for Writing Excellence.   In this resource students are able to submit papers to determine how much plagiarism is within their text; they also are given examples of ways to better their papers by giving them tips on punctuation, spelling, and grammar.   In the end students will be able to complete a paper correctly with all of these elements and will eventually maintain better communication skills.
Another useful educational resource that Axia College provides is the University Library.   Here students are given the opportunity to search the library for academic scholarly reviewed materials for research.   Students can use one of the following search engines to research topics:   EBSCOhost, Gale PowerSearch, or ProQuest.   In the University Library students are also given information on how to format their papers properly using the APA format; they can access this under the APA Information tab.   The last tool available for students to access in the University Library is the Reference and Citation Generator.   This assists students in learning the proper way to cite references using the APA format.
The last educational resource that Axia...