Student Survival Guide

Going back to College for some people can be very difficult.   Many people in today’s world struggle with college because they do not know how to utilize the resources available to them.   I have created a student survival guide that will help me achieve success and help me throughout my education at Axia College.   By taking advantage of the resources provided by Axia College, ones education can develop and become top notch.
Using Axia’s Educational Resources is very important to anyone who is writing a paper or completing an assignment.   The option to download appendixes in an audio format definitely improves my educational experience.   The audio appendix gives me an opportunity to listen to the script instead of just reading it.   It is definitely more convenient especially in today’s world.   Almost everyone has an IPod or MP3 player they can download the appendixes to, making it easier and more convenient to listen to one’s lesson.   Axia College made it very easy to navigate the University Library.   Learning how to navigate and become familiar with the online library can be very helpful and useful.   There are so many ways one can search for different subjects and materials on the university library.   It is very important to identify key information within the articles.   For example, the author’s name, keyword search, and the database where the article was found must all be used in academic writing.
Understanding Axia’s academic honesty policy is very important and should be taken very seriously by every student.   Plagiarism is not acceptable anywhere.   Plagiarism is dishonest because it is considered stealing and it will not be tolerated.   The author spent hard work and time writing the article and for one to claim it as ones own work is dishonest and carries major consequences.   Students who plagiarize work without giving the author proper credit will fail the class and will be reported to the University.   Students can also be removed from the University for...