Survival Guide - Gen 105



        I. Introduction

      II. Using Axia College’s Educational Resources
          A. Downloading files for use on my machine or portable device
          B. Navigating the university Library
          C. Identifying key information within articles

      III. Upholding Academic Honesty
          A. Understanding Axia’s academic honesty policy
          B. Understanding consequences of plagiarism
          C. Avoiding plagiarism

      IV. Setting and Achieving Goals
          A. Identifying long- and short-term educational and career goals
          B. How to reach goals despite obstacles
          C. How an Axia degree relates to goals

        V. Managing Time Wisely
            • Balancing time between courses at Axia
            • Juggling school, work, and family responsibilities
            • Prioritizing and avoiding time-wasters
      VI. Fostering Reading Comprehension and Retention
            • Using reading comprehension techniques for successful reading
            • Using SQ3R and other study habits
      VII. Applying Personality and Learning Styles
    • Using my personality type for distance learning success
    • Developing my multiple intelligences
    • Relating to others who have different personality types and intelligences
VII. Conclusion


          The objective of this guide is to help me remember what I have learned in “GEN 105 – Skills for Learning in an Info Age” and want to share with other students that are about to begin their studies with Axia University.
          This guide provides necessary information that will be used throughout the college years and that will help build and develop educational and career goals.

          Using Axia College’s Educational Resources
          Downloading files for use on my machine or portable device
      One of tools that Axia University provides its students is...