Selection Tools

The three selection tools that I would consider using for a hiring program at a supermarket are the application forms, and the interview process including a background and a drug test. I think all of these tools would be useful in the selection process. I think some of the best ways to select a person for a job is to combine several different methods. This can include several different types of interviewing methods and different types of personality tests. Personality tests are also a good way to get a little deeper into the persons mind and how they might react to different situations. This can really give the employer a good idea of how to select the right candidate for the job.  
The application provides a way for the employer to get some basic information from the person applying. They also provide information for deciding whether an applicant meets the minimum requirements for experience, education, and help to get brief information about the applicant’s references, and background. (Managing Human Resources, 14e, Bohlander/Snell - © 2007 Thomson South-Western) The application is a great way to weed out some of the applicants that may not have the minimum amount of education or other requirements needed for the job. Applications seem to be a better way to get some basic information before the applicant has a chance to falsify a resume.
This is where a background check can come in and be very useful. If an applicant lies about certain things on a resume, it is surely to come out in a background check or even during the interview. It is also important to do background checks to make sure you’re not hiring a criminal with felonies. Sometimes this can be considered a type of discrimination because there are many people who have had problems but they need to find a way to fix them, and how do you do that without a job? This is where references and a combination of nondirective and structured interviews would help in making a selection. References can be helpful...