Executive Summary

Final Project:   Human   Resources Management Plan and Job Aids
Edward Tavarez
November 28,2010
Jennifer Farinha

Executive Summary
This paper is going to describe the proposal for a human resource department hiring of sales personnel.   The Human Resource department will be an essential part of the hiring process because of its planning, development and success of any organization.   Most companies only focus on the improving of employee’s performance and getting the most out of them.   But in recent times the failures and the cost cutting of well know business has forced them to run their company in a efficient and effect way to find success in order not to go under and file bankruptcy or simply go out of business.   Companies are now focusing on what they need rather what they want.   This has changed the way the Human resource does the hiring because now it has to hire not just another employee but hire the best candidate for the job position.   This hiring package that I have created will help assist the Human Resource department in recruiting selecting and training the best possible candidates which will in turn help the organization meet goals, its vision and the company’s mission.
When trying to find future employees who can have the jobs skills required for a job position offered by the company, this process can be very extensive and time consuming process.   There are several necessary steps that need to be taken; these steps should take into consideration the changing needs, the economy, and the area that the company is located.   These steps will have to be changing in a way that it can keep up with ever changing technology and services in the business world.   “The development of a Human Resources plan is to anticipate the various types of personnel that will be needed to take on the new challenges presented within the strategic plan.”(Lucas, 2008)   This plan will include an aid to understanding what information will be used in the...