Theory Task One

One of our roles as Teachers is to impart information to our students; the responsibilities that are encompassed within that role vary hugely.  
“If you don’t know where you are going, it is difficult to select a suitable means for getting there.   After all, machinists and surgeons don’t select tools until they know what operation they are going to perform… Instructors simply function in a fog of their own making unless they know what they want their students to accomplish as a result of their instruction” (Mager, 1955).   The roles and responsibilities of a teacher evolve with time and circumstance. It is impossible to give a rigid definition of either as they change constantly, though there are some roles and responsibilities that are common to all teachers throughout the education system. It is hard to know where the roles and responsibilities of a teacher should stop and I feel is each teacher’s responsibility to know the boundaries. “There exists a misconception that the only skill required to be a teacher is the ability to teach, but it goes far beyond this. A teacher must be multi-faceted adapting to ever changing circumstance” (WALKLIN 1990).
Communication and motivation are two important key issues; we need to ensure that the premises are fit for purpose and that there is equal opportunity for all keeping these constantly in the foremost of our classroom, this will give students a connection with the teacher.   As the course moves so we must take on the role to evaluate and guide, advise our students on all aspects of our course, but being aware that other situations arise, so confidentiality is extremely important, sometimes the need to just listen if a student needs support in any area, even if it’s not entirely connected to the course subject, Tutors need to be able asses all situations, we become effectively the class manager. We as Tutors are constantly evaluating the situation in a classroom, not only regarding the students but also...